goncalo_martins “Every picture tells a story” is not a quote of mine, but it transmits what i feel when i’m out there with a camera trying to record the beauty of the nature, her mood,her spirit.

From early age was attracted to the outdoors, open spaces, free to do “whatever” i wanted, running, climbing trees… Following that desire combining with the love of sport, i started to skateboarding and around 2006 i started to capture my friends doing some tricks with a point-and-shoot 1.3 mp Sony camera. That’s how i started into photography. After awhile i bought my first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) digital camera and start my never-ending learning process of photography art.

Back then i was lacking something that digital photography didn’t gave to me and it was the basics of photography. On my process if learning i discovered the work of some great photographers like Ansel Adams, Edward and Brett Weston, Michael Kenna, Clyde Butcher, Ruth Bernhard, Joe Cornish,Irving Penn…just to name a few and discovered that they were using film cameras to transmit their feelings.

I started using film cameras, learning all the processes from recording an image, developing the film, make an elargement and mounting the final print in a “traditional” way.

The analogic approach gave to me what i needed to think and look before i press the shutter and also with that approach i could return to the basics of the technique needed to take a picture, something that the ” old masters” were using and with fantastic results.

I am somewhat of a loner, so the quiet of the nature/landscape always attracted me. Everytime i go outdoors it is always a challeging but sometimes gratifying  process to speak with the nature. I never know what she wants to tell me!.

I’m attracked to vast scenics landscapes as to detais, shapes..it’s just amazing how everything relates one with the other, their harmony,drama, beauty combined with a “special” light is what makes me stop.

I shoot mainly with medium format cameras and B/W film . This is a combination that i think i can better interpret our world. But i’m opened to learn other techiniques and sometimes  the digital methods are of great help and i’m starting to explore them better. I shoot most of my pictures within an hour’s drive of my home.

I hope you enjoy looking at the landscape as I interpret it.